A little sanctuary of peace
in a busy world...

Hello and welcome to the log in page for our online meditation group. Please enter your e mail and alloted password to gain entry to the weekly meditation recordings. 
If you are are not a member but would like to be then please pay via the paypal button below. Your subscription entitles you to weekly recordings, further discussions via our Facebook community group and monthly online meet ups. There will also be occasional webinars, booklets and colouring in pages.  
As with our workshops, we wish to make this service as fairly priced as possible. Therefore there are 3 subscription rates. Please pay the one that is right for you. All content will be the same for each subscriber - we just ask that you pay what you can honestly afford.
Every week there will be 3 tracks - a body scan ( style changes each week) , a longer guided meditation, and a short protection and grounding meditation.  If you would like to hear examples of the meditations you will be receiving, you can click on the links here and here. 
Healing to renew and rejuvenate you
Cards to enlighten and guide you
Meditation to relax you, and give you clarity for the week ahead
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