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Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing

A session of Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing can be a transformative experience. Its great for both of us - you get to lie and relax and absorb the incredible energies, and I get to work with the most beautiful healing energy from above. It is hands on healing which is done in a respectful and courteous way. 

Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing was first channelled from St Germaine and the Masters of Shamballa in the late 1990's to John Armitage ( Hari Das) at the foot of Mount Shasta.
It is a hands on channelling of Divine Healing energy, and is said to be an expansion of the reiki energy.
It can also be sent as distance/ absent healing. When a Shamballa MD Healing Master gives healing, they ask for their team of healing guides to work with the client. They send the specific healing energy and symbols required by that particular person, while the healer works intuitively with their Guides to place their hands where the energy is most required.
Its called MultiDimensional as it works on so many levels - emotional, physical, Spiritual and Karmic.

When a healing session takes place, its not only for the benefit of the client, but the energy of Unconditional Love is sent to the Planet and the Universe, and all who dwell within. 

I am a Shamballa MultiDimensional Healer - Master Level and have been working with this energy since 2012. Shamballa is suitable for all, and I have been blessed enough to give this healing to animals too.

Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing £30

Shamballa MD Healing and Oracle Reading Combined £50

Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing Attunements Levels 1-3 £120, Master Teacher Level 4 £150


 "I met with Mima last year after my Dog, Kodie, had been diagnosed with arthritis and was lame in one of her front legs.
Two days after that meeting where Kodie spent time with Mima, she was running around and was the happy dog she had been before she went lame.

Kodie was on a course of medicine, but something happened that I cannot explain at the meeting, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second in seeking Mimas help with Kodies health in the future.... "

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