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I currently run a meditation group at HedgeRose Healing. It is a friendly and relaxed group in which I teach different styles and techniques of meditation. No two weeks are ever the same - but the results are! We always achieve a profound experience of relaxation and connection. The group is oversubscribed right now - but let me know if you are interested and I'll keep you informed of any spaces. 

I hope my love of Nature, art and literature comes through in my guided meditations. I usually gain inspiration while meditating myself, and use the themes so important for our Spiritual wellbeing – those of connection to Nature and Spirit.

I have also been working with Paul Landry from New Age Music Garden – combining my words and imagery with his amazing musical soundscapes to create guided meditations that we hope you will enjoy. You can find some of our work together on Youtube, and our CD Our Lady Hekate is available in the Shop, or on I Tunes.

My online meditation group will be launching this Autumn. Watch this space!

Meditation Classes: £20 per month in advance 

One-to-One Meditation Tuition 1hr : £15

Online meditation Group £10,£20 or £30 You can subscribe here

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