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I mainly paints mandalas, but also Goddesses- when they tell me to! Sometimes this even comes via the challenge of a commission.

As well as the magick of Deity, I am enchanted by the circular pattern of mandalas that can be found in every aspect of nature – from cells, tree trunks, flowers and snail shells, with the repetition found in structures like snowflakes and flower petals. I love the universality of their form – variations of which can be found across most of the planet's Spiritual traditions.

I am lucky enough to be an associate member at Hazlehurst Studios in Runcorn which means that I get the opportunity to work with other artists on Community art projects like the wonderful garden on Runcorn High Street.

Artwork is available to purchase from my Etsy Shop:

HedgeRose Healing Etsy Shop

Commissions are undertaken. Please contact for details.

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